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For Parents

With Kids Commission, managing your kids’ activities and chores just became a whole lot easier and more enjoyable! It is a reward based family app that motivates the household to perform tasks and earn points.

For Kids

Avatars include: Astronaut, Ballerina, Boy Pirate, Boy Robot, Captain, Cheer Leader, Fairy, Girl Pirate, Girl Robot, Ninja, Pilot, Princess, Racer, and Viking. Each family member gets to select their own avatar!

For Family

Reports can be generated when you need to see a good visual of your family members’ progress. There are up to 8 different reports available to you when needed. The app supports over 80 different currencies.  Parents can use predefined settings or customize the app as needed.

New Tool To Help Your Family Achieve Its Goals!

Parents can even track tasks while they are away! At the end of each month, family members can receive a reward or allowance based on the number of points earned. The app will generate a customized list of tasks for your family and assign them to each member based on their age. Parents are able to add, update, delete, or reassign tasks at any time. Alternatively, points can be deducted for tasks such as: watching television or playing video games. Tasks can belong to one of five groups: Chores, Fitness, Health, Education, or Behavior.